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This document will introduce you to the ChE department and explain our procedures. The LSU General Catalog for the year you enter college at any U.S. institution is your ultimate rule book for the curriculum requirements to earn your degree. You may, however, elect to use any newer edition of the catalog if you prefer the curricular requirements listed in it. There is one exception to this rule: If you reenter school after being out for two or more consecutive semesters, you can not use a catalog older than the one published for the semester you reenter.

We receive a lot of email from applicants who have various questions concerning our graduate program. The most frequently asked questions and their answers are listed below.

The catalog also contains numerous procedural rules pertaining to a variety of subjects, such as advanced placement, prerequisites, I, P, W, and F grades, fees, and virtually any other topic of interest. These are listed in each issue of the catalog, and may be revised from time to time. You should consult the latest issue of the catalog to find the rules for the current semester.

The curriculum requirements and procedural rules listed in the catalog are too numerous to discuss in detail here. However, we have selected some particularly important topics for emphasis. You should read the University, College, and Department sections of the catalog to be fully informed of your requirements.

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